Gem Stones and their Skin Benefits

Who said gem stones are meant only for jewelry? In the ever-evolving world of skin care, the beauty and energy of gems is widely being used for radiant and youthful skin. Gem stones have been used since centuries for holistic healing, boosting energy and calming frayed nerves. These precious stones also have amazing benefits for heath and skin care. The gem stone therapy revolves around the idea that these precious crystals have energy that resonates with vibrations in the human body. Healers are using gemstones to align chakras and create a balance of energy.  Some of the popular gems being used are:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is popularly known as a heart healer. It is a stone for love and nurturing. It stimulates blood circulation, bringing more oxygen to the skin.  It also helps in clearing away toxins and other impurities. The vibrations from the stone unblock the energy that clogs up the heart chakra and relieves negativity and stress. It helps in treating wrinkles and fine lines.


Pearls have always been popular for their healing properties. They are anti-inflammatory and also work as a detoxifying agent.  Pearl, being rich in amino acids and antioxidants, helps delay ageing and protects the skin cells from damage and deterioration.


Emerald is a powerful, high-energy stone that is considered best for its anti-ageing and skin repairing properties. It also helps to calm emotions and promotes positivity. It aids the body to clear itself of toxins and promotes wellness.


Sapphire is an incredibly soothing stone. It calms you inside out, helps wipe out depression and also aids sleep.  Sapphire is also associated to stimulating the pituitary gland that produces melanin.


Jade has been a part of Chinese skin care routine since ages. Jade rollers have become increasingly popular in the beauty world, owing to its healing properties. Jade rollers help in building an even skin tone, improve skin’s elasticity and also boost blood circulation.


Amethyst promotes cellular regeneration and increases the supply of oxygen to skin cells. Its anti-inflammatory properties help calm redness and breakouts. This stone is a favorite choice for many healers as they believe it reduces toxic load in the body and promotes positivity.

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