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Asha Lash + Skin Studio is offering Superficial Depth and Medium Depth Chemical Peels to correct signs of Aging, Hyperpigmentation, or Acne!

Chemical Peels are a form of advanced exfoliation and work by resurfacing the top layer of the skin to reveal more youthful skin, a clearer complexion, or a more even skin tone!! They also stimulate different layers of your skin beneath the surface, such as the Basal Layer or Stem-Cel I layer, which helps produce new, baby cells that are not damaged by the free radicals that cause aging; that are not pigmented with melanin which creates hyperpigmentation on the surface of the skin; and that is not infected with the P-Acne Bacteria which causes all kinds of breakouts including whiteheads, blackheads, papules, pustules, and cystic acne.

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Chemical Peels can help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen is a substance found naturally occurring in the skin which makes the skin plump and thick and elastin is a substance in the skin which makes your skin firm and tight! As we age our skin typically becomes less plump and thinner as the natural production of collagen slows down. Our skin also becomes less firm – even saggy or loose- as the skin produces less elastin later on in life. A series of 3-6 Chemical Peels can progressively improve collagen and elastin production, as well as the production of new baby cells which will help minimize the appearance of fine lines+ wrinkles.

Chemical Peels also increase your Cell Turnover Rate. Our skin produces a new cell every day when we are newborn babies! That is why a baby’s skin is so plump, firm, and soft. As we age our skin produces a new cell less frequently which means our Cell Turnover Rate has slowed down. At the time of our 30’s and 40’s our skin produces a new cell about every 30 days. Eventually, as we become much older in life, our skin cell production slows down to produce a new cell every 60-90 days which contributes to the advanced signs of aging we experience in the elderly years. Chemical Peels can boost your Cell Turnover Rate so that your skin cells are producing a new cell, baby cell more often which can make our skin look more youthful!


Melanin is the substance found naturally occurring in all our skin which is responsible for creating our skin tone as well as freckles, moles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, and liver spots. While some melanin production is part of our genetic code, such as our skin tone and freckles – which cannot be changed by cosmetic procedures, other types of melanin production such as hyperpigmentation, sun spots, acne scarring, and liver spots are the result of some form of trauma that has happened to our skin. For example, sun damage is created because our skin’s natural defense against the sun is to send melanin up to the surface of our skin to protect the skin from harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. That is why our skin can become tanner with sun exposure- to defend ourselves from the sun.

With repetitive, prolonged sun exposure some of the melanocytes (the part of the skin that produces melanin) can become traumatized or over­activated and begin producing a large amount of melanin in a certain area creating a splotch or dark patch which is called hyperpigmentation. The cells in this area are literally deposited with “granules” of pigmented melanin as your skins attempt to protect your skin from trauma. These granules of melanin can be removed, over a period of time, at the surface of the skin by resurfacing it with a chemical peel. In addition, the hormones that cause melanin production can be minimized or even blocked by the use of Chemical Peels. In addition, using a melanin­inhibitor at home in between your Chemical Peel services can help support an even skin tone by blocking the hormones that cause melanin production in the skin.


A similar trauma event occurs where the skin has had an acne breakout, although this melanin appears to be redder in color. This type of melanin production is called Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation because the red pigment is essentially an inflammatory response that the body rallies up to fight infection and heal the body. Chemical Peels also speed up the healing time of acne breakouts and helps to slough off the build-up of dead skin cells that could potentially be clogging the pores and causing acne.

Chemical Peel Services

A candidate considering getting a Chemical Peel or Series of Chemical Peels should start with the Level 1: Layered Peel which is a Superficial Depth Peel and does not go as deep into the skin as a Medium Depth Peel. Once a candidate has received a quantity of 1-3 Level 1: Layered Peels, they can begin a series of 3-6 Level 2: Medium Depth Peels which can increase in intensity with multiple treatments. A candidate must also use the Vitamin C Intense Serum and Vitamin A Intense Serum which is provided 2 weeks prior to your service.

  • Level 1: Layered Peel

    45 min I $80

    Series of 3: $190

    The Level 1: Layered Peel consists of Layering 2 Peels on top of each other to resurface the skin at a superficial skin depth. Some redness, flaking, or dry skin could occur but in minimal amounts.

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  • Level 2: Medium Depth Peel

    45 min I $125

    Series of 3 – $300
    Series of 6 – $560

    The Level 2: Medium Depth Peel consists of applying 2-5 layers of the Chemical Peel to the skin which resurfaces the skin at a medium depth. This Chemical Peel is left on for 5 hours and comes with an At-Home After Care Kit which must be used on the face exclusively for 5 days after your Chemical Peel. Redness to the skin is likely and the risk of peeling or flaking skin is higher than with the Level 1: Layered Peel. However, peeling is not a requirement for the Chemical Peel to work and may or may not happen with your skin. Actual skin peeling is considered a side-effect of the Chemical and is more likely for candidates who have a greater amount of dead skin build-up on their skin. The Chemical Peel process still treats the skin for aging, hyperpigmentation, and acne regardless of the amount of peeling that occurs in your skin.

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