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Energetic Upliftment with Therapeutic Grade Gemstones.


Therapeutic Grade Gemstones, sourced by Gemisphere, are placed on the 7 Main Chakras to positively affect the Human Energy Field! It is based on the same Energetic System as Acupuncture. The Chakras are Energy Centers along the spine and skull and the gems will stir, uplift and cleanse stuck, stagnant or unwanted energy to make you feel lighter, more refreshed, healthy + positive!


  • Rose Quartz Chakra Bath

    60 min | $80

    Therapeutic Grade Rose Quartz named, “Roselle” by Gemisphere, is placed on the 7 Main Chakras starting at the base of the spine and working up toward the head. Roselle cleanses the Chakras hence the name Chakra Bath to release stagnant, stuck or unwanted energy. During the session you will be prompted to follow steps in a Guided Meditation designed to enhance the benefits of the gemstones.

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  • Ruby

    +15 min | $30

    Enhance your experience by adding the Therapeutic Benefits of Ruby! A Ruby Ring is placed on one or more chakras during your session to deeply heal the Emotional Body. Ruby carries the Red Ray and deeply nourishes the Emotional Body. This therapy is great for inviting more Divine Love into your Energetic System, but also is very useful in healing wounds that have an emotional nature.

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  • Mother of Pearl

    +15 min | $15

    Gorgeous Mother of Pearl is placed over the Heart Chakra to promote an extremely nurturing + soothing sense of peace. It can be used to invite Divine Love in from your Primordial Self, support issues around Motherhood + Children, or even soothe rigid emotions concerning unfulfilled needs.

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  • Purple Rainbow Flourite + Amethyst

    +15 min | $15

    Add the Therapeutic Benefits of Purple Rainbow Flourite + Amethyst to your session! Purple Rainbow Flourite + Amythest facilitate Higher Consciousness by attracting more Indigo + Violet Rays into your Energy Field. They are placed on the Brow + Crown Chakras to Open, Awaken + Raise your Energetic vibration.

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Asha Lash and Skincare Studio

The name “Asha” means “wish” in Sanscrit the sacred language of the Hindus. ASHA Lash | ASHA Skin

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Asha Lash and Skincare Studio requires a credit card to be placed on file in the case of no shows or last-minute calculations. Asha Lash and Skincare Studio will collect the full cost of your service if you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours ahead of time.

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