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All Facials at Asha Lash + Skin Studio use 100% Organic Products and come with a Cleanse, Steam, Extractions, High Frequency, Mask, 2 Serums, Hydration and Sun Protection. Also included is a Scalp Massage and Hand, Arm and Shoulder Massage.

  • Asha Signature Facial

    70 min I $120.00

    Organic facial treatment designed to treat your skin type and skincare concerns that will have you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Enzymes, treatment mask and serums infuse the skin with nourishment to reveal a beautifully hydrated, glowing complexion. Includes double cleanse and salycilic acid flash peel.

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  • Basic Facial

    60 min I $100

    Simple skincare treatment that will treat your skin type (dry, oily, combo or sensitive) and your skincare concerns (anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, or acne)

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  • Oxygen Facial

    75 min I $150

    Two-step Oxygen infusion that will treat one of three skin concerns – fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation or acne. The skin will look visibly brighter, smoother, plumper, softer + more hydrated!

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  • ``Pamper Me`` Facial

    100 min I $170.00

    Includes Double Cleanse, Chemical peel, 2 masking treatments, Eco-Fin Hand and Foot Moisturizing treatment, and Hot stone foot and Calf massage (in addition to the scalp massage and hand, arm, and shoulder treatment that comes standard with every facial)

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  • Acne Facial

    75 min I $135

    Treat and extract acne with this detoxifying facial. A salicylic flash peel and LED light therapy kill bacteria and calm redness. Comes with extra extractions if desired.

    *Add Superficial Chemical Peel 15 min I $20

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  • Anti-Aging Facial

    85 min I $150

    Cleanse, exfoliate, mask and hydrate the aging skin on the face, neck and declote. Incudes chemical peel and LED therapy to tighten skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

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  • Brightening Vitamin C Facial

    75 min I $140

    Infuse anti-oxidant, brightening Vitamin C into the skin with this skin-brightening facial. Includes a chemical peel and LED light therapy.

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  • Gentle Touch Facial

    60 min I $100

    Simple skincare service designed to nurture sensitive skin or rosacea. Included scalp massage and hand, arm and foot massage.

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  • Back Facial

    60 min I $100

    Treat “bacne” and the build-up of dead skin with this exfoliating, skin clarifying back treatment.

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Pamper yourself with a Skincare Treatment using the finest Organic Products!

Do you love Organic Skincare? Do you love to get Pampered? Have you ever had a Luxury Pampering Service? Asha Lash + Skin Studio offers Organic Skincare Treatments with plenty of Ad On’s to pamper you the way you wish to be pampered! Get some “Me Time” and come to Asha Lash + Skin Studio to Relax, Renew and Revive! At Asha Lash + Skin Studio, I strive to create a meditative, quiet setting where you can say goodbye to your cares, relieve your stress and soak up some much needed peace + relaxation!

Try a Luxurious Organic Skincare Treatment using Savor Beauty or R.D. Alchemy products! Both are 100% Organic Skincare lines treating the skin in the most sublime way without using any harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients! The use of chemical ingredients in skincare products is very prominent in the American market. In fact much of Europe, and other countries, have banned many ingredients that are commonly used in the products that are available to us here in the United States. They are nicknamed the “Dirty 30” by estheticians and skincare specialists because they are the top thirty most commonly found ingredients that are actually toxic. These chemicals are carcinogens, preservatives, allergens, and substances that deplete the immune system. This means that with regular, prolonged exposure these ingredients could cause Cancer or wear down your healthy immune system making you more susceptible to sickness. They are also products that can cause allergic reactions like redness in the skin, swelling in the skin, itchiness in the skin, watery eyes, rash, or irritate the allergies you already struggle with like sneezing. Asha Lash + Skin Studio uses only the finest of organic skincare lines that are truly healthy and nourishing to the skin without side effects.

Every individual has their own skin type and skin conditions that are uniquely yours. Asha Lash + Studio offers skin services that are suited to meet your special skincare concerns. Try the Organic Tailor-Made Facial by Savor Beauty, a line that is inspired by Korean skincare rituals to recieve a facial that is designed to meet your special skincare needs! Or try the “Just For Me” by R.D. Alchemy whose line is rich in healing medicinal herbs to have a customized facial experience based on your skin type and skincare concerns! There are many more facials to choose from that target specific skin concerns like Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Dryness, Scarring, Pore-Minimizing, Brightening, Dehydration, Oily Skin or Anti-Aging! Asha Lash + Skin Studio offers facial services in 60 minute, 70 minute or 100 minute increments with plenty of add on services that bump up your pampering and extend the length of your facial like a Chemical Peel, Petroleum-Free Hot Wax Hand + Foot Treatment, a Hot Stone Foot + Calf Massage and more!

To experience a refreshing + relaxing spa experience, book an Organic Skincare Treatment with Asha Lash + Skin Studio!

Services to Add

Peel $20 adds 15 min:

  • Add a Chemical Peel to Any Facial

    15 min | $20

    Vit C Peel – 25% AHA + 17% L- Ascorbic Acid

    Blemish Peel – 20 % Salicylic Acid

    Pumpkin Peel – 20% Glycolic, Lactic, Citric and Tartaric

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  • Add Hot Stone Foot + Calf Massage

    15 min | $20

    Melt away stress with 15 minutes of massage on the feet and calves using hot stones.

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  • Extra Extractions

    15 min | $20

    Add 15 minutes to your facial to have in-depth extractions.

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  • Extra Massage to Any Facial

    15 min | $15

    Add 15 more minutes of massage to your hand, neck, shoulder massage, included in every facial.

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  • Eco-Fin Hand Treatment


    A Petrolium-Alternative Hot Wax Hand Treatment is placed on the hands after a 5-minute massage.

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  • Eco-Fin Foot Treatment


    A Petrolium-Alternative Hot Wax Foot Treatment is placed on the feet after a 5-minute massage.

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  • Heart Chakra Cleanse | Free Gift with Any Facial


    Therapeutic Quality Quartz Ringlets are applied to the Chakra during the massage segment of the facial to stir and clear stagnant energy.

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Free Heart Chakra Cleanse

with any facial to those who wish to receive a free gift from my heart to yours.

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Asha Wax

Waving services are available as Add On’s to Facial or Lashing Services ONLY. They are not available in Asha’s Online Booking System. Please Text or Call to schedule any services from Asha Wax.

  • Brow Wax

    25 min | $20

    The eyebrows are shaped using wax, then tweezed and trimmed to create a flawless look!

  • Lip Wax

    10 min | $10

    The upper lip is waxed + tweezed to remove all hairs and peach fuzz. The lower lip can be waxed at no extra charge, if desired.

  • Chin Wax

    15 min | $15

    The chin is waxed starting below the bottom lip and extending down under the chin. The rest of the jawline can be waxed at no extra charge, if desired!

  • Sideburn Wax

    15 min | $10

    The sideburns are waxed by removing exvess hair in front of the ear and on the cheek to create a clean hairline that still looks natural!

  • Nostril Wax

    10 min | $10

    All visible hair is removed from the nostrils!

  • Full Face

    45 min | $50

    Includes a brow, lip, chin, sideburn, nostril, cheek and hairline wax to remove all unwanted hair on the face!

Book an Appointment

All clients will have an initial consultation to discuss the skin condition when booking a skincare treatment. This will give the client the opportunity to discuss the results they hope for with their skin concerns.

Not sure what style is for you? No problem! Book a consultation with a skincare professional. Guaranteed to make you feel beautiful and refreshed.

Request a Free Consultation Today. 

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Savor Beauty

Organic skincare inspired by Korean beauty rituals that is hand-made in small batches.

RD Alchemy

Organic skincare rich in medicinal herbs and botanicals.

Asha Lash + Skin Studio

The name “Asha” means “wish” in Sanscrit the sacred language of the Hindus. ASHA Lash | ASHA Skin

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Cancellation Policy

Asha Lash + Skin Studio requires a credit card to be placed on file in the case of no shows or last-minute calculations. Asha Lash + Skin Studio will collect the full cost of your service if you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours ahead of time.

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